E-Charge Wallet – You’ll Never Be Without Power Again!

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  • Free Delivery Nationwide
  • E-Charge Wallet
  • You’ll Never Be Without Power Again
  • Works with all phones including Samsung and iPhone
  • Holds up to 2x normal smart phone’s battery
  • Accordion design organizes cards and cash
  • Stylish aluminum case
  • Weighs less than a normal leather wallet
  • Can withstand extreme heat and frigid cold
  • RFID Protection
  • Great for all forms of travel
  • NO MORE Getting Stuck Without A Charge!
  • Random Colors will be sent
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll always have a charge even in the harshest conditions!

  • Delivery will be managed by
  • 4 Days Required For Delivery
  • 3 Days Checking Warranty
  • Exchange is ONLY valid in case of defected / faulty product claimed within 3 days of warranty
  • Exchange / Replacements will be Processed in 7 days

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