Magic Shower Slide Show Includes 12 Full Color Slides

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Transform your home from dark to dazzling with the Star Shower Slide Show!
It’s the brightest, most beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays. Stop fighting with your tangled Christmas lights and decorate your home with dazzling designs!  Star Shower Slide Show allows you to project holiday slides onto your house or walls.  String lights are a hassle to hang.  And most are only suitable for one or two holidays.  Star Shower Slide Show lets you celebrate your favorite holidays from one slide show projector.

Star Shower Slide Show has 3 speeds to play your light show. Toggle between fast, slow, and static just by pressing a button. Light up your home in a fast frenzy of fluttering snowflakes.  Play slow, sauntering bats and ghosts to create an eerie atmosphere.  Having a birthday party at night? Project static birthday balloons so party guests know which house is the party house.

Easy Slide Technology
Star Shower Slide Show features full color slides!  Choose from 6 Christmas slides, 2 Halloween slides, or 4 holiday slides.  The holiday slides feature an Easter slide, patriotic slide, birthday slide, and Valentine’s slide. Engineered with Easy Slide Technology, it’s an explosion of lights and colors.  A super-efficient motor coupled with bright LED lights allows holiday images to dance over your home.

  • 6 Christmas slides
  • 2 Halloween slides
  • 1 Valentine’s slide (hearts)
  • 1 Easter slide
  • 1 Celebratory slide (balloons)
  • 1 Patriotic slide (fireworks)
  • o Easy To Set Up
    Decorating for the holidays is easy when you Star Shower Slide Show.

    1. Position your Slide Show projector according the enclosed instruction booklet.
    2. Choose which slide you want to play and insert it into Star Shower Slide Show.
    3. Press the Motion button to select your desired speed.

    Then sit back and watch the showWeather-Resistant Case
    Star Shower Slide Show features a weather-resistant casing.  You can display brilliant slide shows during the first winter snow or the first spring rain!  The weather-resistant housing allows your Star Shower Slide Show to operate between -30-degrees Fahrenheit to 100-degrees Fahrenheit.  The included extra-long stake secures it to your lawn.

    Star Shower Slide Show should not be submerged in water.  In temperatures below freezing, it may take a few minutes for Slide Show to warm up.

    Bring The Party Indoors!
    Want to move the party indoors? No problem! Use the included indoor base to display a celebratory slide show in your home. Star Shower Slide Show works best in dark rooms, so be sure that your room is dark enough to see the slide projector displays.  The indoor base is a great solution for folks who are unable to decorate outdoors.  Perfect for apartments, condos, house rentals, and homes where there is no outdoor electric supply.  Star Shower Slide Show is a fun way to decorate apartments, basements, and family-centric rooms!

    Product Dimensions 5.9 x 7.6 x 10.5 inches
    Item Weight 1.98 pounds
    Shipping Weight 2.3 pounds

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