Steel Non-Stick Copper Crisper Tray

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Now, you can make your favorite fried foods without oil or butter & right in your oven with the Steel Crisper Tray! Our crisper tray works like an oil-less fryer taking up less space & energy and can even be used to grill & bake foods too. Two Pieces. Both Dishwasher Safe The Steel Crisper tray consists of two removable pieces; 1. The bottom Tray which catches grease and lifts the mesh basket. Can even be used alone as a griddle. 2. Mesh basket with handles for easy removal. Both are non stick, non scratch & for your convenience, dishwasher safe! No Oil or Grease Since it’s made of our patented Ticerama coating, there’s no need for oil, butter or seasoning on your Steel Crisper Tray. Everything slides right off with ease, so you can make chicken with sweet sauce & not have to worry about it getting stuck in the basket! Flame- Proof Up to 500 degrees Having a BBQ & trying to grill some veggies or smaller sized meats? We know, they always seem to fall off the BBQ rack. Non anymore! Place Your Crisper Basket directly on the grill & start BBQ’ing anything no matter the size! No Need to Flip Your Foods! No more needing to flip your food over, ever again! When cooking, heat is evenly distributed & penetrates food from all sides. One & done, just slide your Steel Crisper into the oven & take it out when it’s ready. Saving you time, effort & giving you peace of mind Elevated Mesh Basket Mesh basket is elevated above the tray allowing the entire contents of the tray to be surrounded & absorb the heat being emitted. This allows the inside to be soft yet fully cooked, and the outside to be super crunchy and crisp, the best possible texture one can achieve in food! Grease also drips right out of the mesh basket onto the bottom tray for easy disposal. Works like an Oil-less fryer with al the benefits of non stick Ticerama Cookware & doesn’t take up as much space or power. Dishwasher Safe Safe to use with Metal Utensils Flame proof up to 500 degrees Oven safe up to 500 degrees Can be used indoors & out on the grill Two handles for easy removal No oil & No butter needed Can be used separately as well Elevated tray for even heat distribution Extremely Durable Easy to use; perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced chefs Endorsed by celebrity chef Daniel Green Made of patented Ticerama
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