Adjustable Table Mate 2

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Table-Mate “II” is the perfect multi-use home table and fits beautifully in homes large and small.
An amazing, multi-functional table, it is ideal for eating, reading, writing, painting, drawing, coloring, sketching, arts & crafts, puzzles, serving, games, as a work station for a home office, and even as a student desk.

Unlike other portable tables that need to be lifted to be moved, Table-Mate II slides across all floor surfaces with just a touch of the finger. It really makes life more comfortable. The design allows you to pull the table right up to you so you never have to bend over to reach items on the table’s surface.

Table-Mate II is like having 18 tables in 1!
It adjusts to 6 different heights and 3 different angles including 1 up angle when used as an easel. The open base design allows for legs to stretch out without hitting any leg braces.

One of the great benefits of Table-Mate II is that it adjusts to any body and any furniture so whether you’re sitting on a sofa or in a chair, whether you’re short or tall, Table-Mate II is perfect for you. The table is made from a food rated polypropylene top, so eat drink and be merry.

Despite its size, it’s strong and sturdy and holds up to 50 lbs!
It moves easily even loaded with weight. It also features a handy cup holder that adjusts to stay level even if the table is in use at an angle. Conveniently keep liquid safely away from computers or papers.

  • Highlights
    • Free Delivery Nationwide
    • Multipurpose table with 6 levels of adjustable height and 3 adjustable angles
    • May be folded partially or completely for convenient storage
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Dimensions of packaging box: 41cm x 6cm x 53cm
    • Dimensions of table top: 51cm x 39cm
    • Max. table height: 65cm
    • Weight: 2.7kg
    • Material: steel and plastic
    • Can be used as:
    • Reading Table
    • Dining Table
    • Writing Table
    • Drawing table
    • Laptop Table
    • Terms
      • Delivery will be managed by
      • 4 Days Required For Delivery
      • 3 Days Checking Warranty
      • Exchange is ONLY valid in case of defected / faulty product claimed within 3 days of warranty
      • Exchange / Replacements will be Processed in 7 days

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